Amazing Weapons Tests

Thanks to advancements in science and technology, weapons are now becoming increasingly sophisticated--and more destructive. From nuclear devices to automatic firearms, all weapons need to be thoroughly tested before they debut on battlefields across the world. Here are a few amazing weapons tests that are likely to blow your socks off

Patriot PAC-3 Test

This test, which dates back to October 2000, shows one of the United States' most sophisticated missiles in action. These deadly weapons feature the Enhanced Launcher Electronics System (ELES) that enables them to zero in on targets that are miles away!

It is also one of America's premier defense systems against ballistic missiles.

Operation Teapot

Back in 1955, the United States conducted a series of 14 nuclear explosions in the Nevada desert. These nuclear weapons--which were all fission based--were detonated in various designated sites over a period of three months.

Some of these black and white videos show off weapons that are of the same grade as the Nagasaki bomb!

Javelin Test

The Javelin aka FGM-148 is a third generation anti-tank missile used by the United States armed forces. Each of these 12 kg missiles costs Rs. 20,00,000--or as much as a mid-range luxury car!

These bad boys are perfectly capable of destroying some of the biggest tanks currently in existence. Little wonder why the Javelin was the weapon of choice in war zones in Iraq and Afghanistan when US forces found themselves up against enemy tanks!

AC-130 Test

This ground attack aircraft--also dubbed the Hercules--is known for its Angel Flares (as seen in the video). Primarily used by the United States, this aircraft has been in service for five decades now!

While this is far from the most sophisticated piece of weaponry around, it's quite a sight to see this plane emit its trademark flares.

BrahMos Test

This stealth supersonic cruise missile is known to pick out and destroy its targets at up to Mach 3 speeds. The Indian Armed Forces are always ready to strike incoming enemy fire with these sophisticated weapons in their arsenal.

This unique missile is also in use by the Russian Navy, and is in big demand by other countries hoping to secure their borders against intrusive neighbors!

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