Lightning struck World Tallest Building [Unforgettable Pics]

Burj Dubai lightning strike
Pictures of lightning struck Burj Dubai, the world tallest building, while thunder hits Dubai on 15th January, 2009. It was an unforgettable night for Dubai residents.
Burj Dubai lightning strike
According to technical experts with more and more tall structures coming up in dubai, the chances of a lightning strike is increasing.
Mr.Sonjib Banerjee, technical director of Duval Messien, a French multinational specialized in Global Protection services, said it is a myth that Dubai and the Gulf area are not vulnerable to lightning strikes. He referred to a lightning strike near Burj Dubai on November 26 and said it confirms the need for adequate lightning protection measures for all tall structures.
Burj Dubai lightning strike
“The thunderstorm days in the UAE are about 10 per year. This means that, one lightning strike may happen per square kilometer per year in worst conditions, with a minimum of one lightning strike per 7 square kilometer per year,” he said.
Burj Dubai lightning strike
“A 100-meter-high building of 30 floors is five times more at risk in comparison to 50-meter-high building of 15 floors. This risk factor goes up, as the height of the building goes up,” he said.


Lightning Strike Burj Dubai Jan 2009

Burj Dubai lightning strike


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