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Amazing Football Goals

The beautiful game of football often produces some spectacular moments, and most of these moments happen when the ball hits the back of the net for a well-deserved score. Here are a few top-notch goals from around the world that'll certainly make your jaw drop!

Neymar vs. Flamengo

19-year-old Santos striker, Neymar, is touted by many as the next big hope of Brazilian football. This prodigy has already scored 8 amazing goals for the national side in just 15 appearances. However, his best work came against Brazilian club Flamengo, when he dodged nearly half-a-dozen defenders to score an unbelievable goal.

To add to it, the Portuguese commentator totally does justice to a "spectacular," "sensacional" and "fantastico" piece of football.

Lionel Messi vs. Real Zaragoza

Not many would disagree with Lionel Messi being called the best footballer of this era. And, this video illustrates just why! The little Argentine striker has some of the slickest moves and dr…