Incredible Unmanned Weapons

These machines are extremely effective on the field of battle--all without a human presence. That is, not inside them--instead, they are piloted remotely from hundreds or even thousands of miles away!
Boeing Phantom Ray

This stealth developmental aircraft could determine the future of unmanned combat air vehicles. Still undergoing modifications, it looks as though the Phantom Ray is getting fine-tuned for all out war! It can cover a distance of 2400 km and cruise at 40,000 ft at Mach 0.8 speeds. Designed mainly for test flights, this beast is the size of a fighter jet and will teach its engineers a lot about the capabilities of unmanned stealth aircraft.
MQ-8 Fire Scout
This unmanned vertical landing and take-off helicopter is a near-perfect weapon for the US Air Force and Navy. It's extremely stable and can land on a ship while braving wind speeds of upto 45 km/h. It can be operated from distances of over 270 km and can fly at an altitude of 20,000 feet while carrying a 1,400-kilo load that is slated to include missiles, smart bombs, and other weapons.

While the Americans are still tweaking and developing this unmanned monster, it is slated to become one of the most potent weapons in their arsenal.

-Picture courtesy Northrop Grumman 
MQ-1C Grey Eagle
The United States Army has been using this Extended-Range Multi-Purpose (ERMP) unmanned aerial vehicle since 2009. It has even been used in war situations in Iraq since 2010 and has proved to be quite effective so far. It can pack up to 4 AGM-114 Hellfire missiles and can go on for 30 hours at a stretch!

It definitely gives the Americans a big edge in combat situations too by providing real-time surveillance and the ability to strike deep in enemy territory without putting any pilots into the battlefield.

-Picture courtesy Wikipedia-
RQ-170 Sentinel

Nicknamed the Beast of Kandahar, this unmanned aerial vehicle is extensively used by the United States Air Force. Since 2007, the USAF has deployed Sentinels almost everywhere to assist them in their missions. While this is not the stealthiest of unmanned weapons around, experts suggest that its potential in surveillance, strike missions and electronic warfare is second to none!

The Sentinel was also in the news recently when Iran allegedly captured one after it malfunctioned and crashed inside the nation's border!

-Picture courtesy Wikipedia-
 MQ-9 Reaper
Another American unmanned beast, this $10.5 million aircraft is currently being used by armed forces in five countries. This combat weapon has been most commonly used by the US in Afghanistan, Iraq and even inside Pakistan for targeted strikes. It can easily fly at over 50,000 feet while carrying a load of 1,400 kg, including missiles that can be launched with pin-point accuracy. 

With that capacity, it can cause a whole lot of destruction without the pilot even having to be in the same country. Talk about flying by wire!

-Picture courtesy Reuters- 



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