World's Top 7 Brands

1. Apple

The iPhone and iPad maker has boosted its brand value by 19 percent in the past year to $183 billion, or 37 percent of its market capitalisation, according to the annual BrandZ study by leading brands and market-research agency Millward Brown.

2. IBM

BrandZ study states:Celebrating its centennial year in 2011, IBM became the second most valuable brand in the world across all categories. The accomplishment, especially significant for a B2B brand, highlighted the organization’s ability to remain relevant even as technology continued to shift from mainframes a world IBM created to the cloud. IBM dislodged Microsoft from its second position and clocked in a brand value of $115.9 billion US dollars, up 15% from last year.

3. Google

BrandZ study states: "With Google’s acquisition of Motorola Mobility, the phone maker is expected to develop mobile devices operating on the Android open platform that Google developed. The combination of device and platform potentially makes Google a rival ecosystem to Apple and other technology leaders." It dropped from last year's second rank to come in at No.3 with a net brand value of $107.8 billion US dollars.

4. McDonald's

The world's largest chain of hamburger fast food restaurants, McDonald's serves around 68 million customers daily in 119 countries.It retained its No.4 ranking from last year with a net brand value of $95.1 billion US dollars, a rise of 17% over 2011.

5. Microsoft

Staying put at No. 5 is the internet giant Microsoft, which despite getting a beating from the likes of Google and Facebook , has overshadowed them in brand value with $76.6 billion US dollars of net worth.

6. Coca-Cola

Beating Pepsi to it, Coca Cola comes in at 6 with a net brand value of $74.2 billion US dollars., retaining its position from last year's survey.

7. Marlboro

The largest selling brand of cigarettes in the world, Marlboro moved up a notch to seventh place despite anti-smoking campaigns in much of the world. Its brand value stands at $73.5 billion US dollars.

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