The 10 Worst Facebook Fails

When Marc Zuckerberg created Facebook, he had big things in mind. I imagine allowing dumb people to document themselves was the primary objective. Here are the 10 worst Facebook fails, may their utter stupidity impart wisdom upon you.

Yes Lynette, you do deserve better. I'm sure he "really got on your damn nerves" when he had to attend his kids' soccer games as well. Take some time off from the dating world, really focus on your pathetic home wrecking needs for a while.

Agreed, the Mountain Dew message board was the most appropriate place to reach out for help. You think Mr. Pibb would be so concerned? I think not. Now if only their product didn't taste like battery acid.

Oh, also the bank is taking our home. I'm so forgetful :)

Ladies, ladies, there's enough unemployment and atrocious facial hair for everyone.

Her heart grew three sizes that day. Also, you're an idiot.

Yaweh is gonna be so pissed off at him. That's his alcoholic stepfather, I'm sorry, is that confusing in some way?

No, I don't predict any kind of resentment in the future over this.

Michael J. Fox is gonna kick all your asses for this one.

Sounds like a solid explanation to me. I'm sure all your "customers" were really excited that you were selling "shovels" during a "blizzard". I bet working the late shift at "Home Depot" really helps support your "ice cream" addiction.

It was just a joke...this time.



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