Transportation of The Future

We take a look at all the new and innovative tech in travelling that we could be using in the future.

Transportation of The Future
Hypersonic Space Taxis
Hypersonic Space Taxis are the next step in luxury air transport and may later be a communal transport for the masses. Hypersonic jets are capable of travelling at MACH 5 speed, that is equal to travelling at five times the speed of sound. That'll guarantee a speedy travel for anyone willing to travel fast and skip the jet lag.

 Transportation of The Future
Vacuum Tube Train
Evacuated Tube Transport Technologies or ET3 is the future of train travels. Simply put, this technology consists of laying an air-tight tube and creating a vacuum within. After placing a hi-tech wagon inside, they'll be propelled at the speed of 6,500 km/h.

The inter-state version will travel at 600 km/h whereas the inter-continental one will touch the peak of 6,500 km/h. These vacuum trains are safe, fast and environmentally conscious as well. We're hoping to see these being implemented by 2020 in Asia. 

 Transportation of The Future
Startram is basically putting a tube into space and keeping its end open which will propel a shuttle into space at a fraction of a cost of today's technology. Startram is based on today's existing Maglev technology. This can revolutionise space travel and make it cheaper. The Startram system is capable of launching 300,000 tons of payload into orbit for less than $40/kg and will be of great assistance for space research purposes.

 Transportation of The Future
 Space Elevator
Space elevator is an elevator which will be built from a point on earth to a static space-station hovering above. An ambitious project, this will allow space travel to be as general as a daily commute. The first step into space colonisation will be setting up space elevators for people to commute in a safe, fast, and cheap manner.

Transportation of The Future
Before the pessimists sigh dismally, let this clarification wipe off their doubts. Teleportation has been in existence since two decades when IBM experimented with quantum teleportation and were successful at it. Albeit, at a quantum level, but that's a step, right? Scientists predict that we will be capable of teleporting by the year 2200. Now all we need to do is cryogenically freeze ourselves till teleportation is available, and then experience the scientific miracle by ourselves!

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