Best Cities For Street Art

Street artists have changed the way that the world views artwork. They create their pieces in open areas allowing their work to communicate and reach out everyday people in a very powerful and public way. If you are someone that loves street art as much as we do, check out Short Term Housing’s list of the best cities for incredible street art.
New York Photo By: JR

New York

New York has an ever-growing Street art scene. Expanding across walls, fences, sidewalks, and rooftops each telling a unique story and giving a glimpse into the New York lifestyle.

The Best of New York Street Art

LA Photo By: Tracy Lee Stum

Los Angeles

Los Angles supports an intense diversity between endless neighborhoods, each with their own unique culture and voices.

The Best of Los Angles Street Art

Melbourne Photo By:Chloe Sutciliffe


Melbourne has gained international notoriety for its diverse range of street art. Melbourne’s street art ranges from stencil art, woodblocking, sticker art, poster art, chalk art, spray paint art, photography, street installations, and reverse gratify.

The Best of Melbourne Street Art

Sao Photo Source

São Paulo

In São Paulo the incredible street art can be seen just about everywhere you look. São Paulo also showcases a more unique form of graffiti called Pixação, which originated in the 1940’s. São Paulo is known for the colorful murals, classical graffiti, and its extraordinary range of vibrant public pieces.

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