In Iran has invented a time machine
Iranian scientist proclaimed himself the inventor of the time machine. With it, anyone can look into the future by 5-8 years in advance – that is, to "penetrate" as much in 2021, assures the young a talent. Machine will primarily be used to solve problems of national importance, but once it is set up to mass production, its advantage be able to assess  and ordinary Iranian citizens, said the inventor Ali Ragezi agency FARS. 27-year-old engineer, says that the time machine is compact enough to fit in a suitcase. Future technology In Iran has invented a time machine

He said that a time machine, which operates by means of algorithms, capable of predicting from five to eight years of a person’s life, up to 98%. In this case, all that is required from the person to touch this car, says the inventor of a miracle machine.
27-year-old inventor, who worked last ten years, says that his offspring "not transports you into the future, but closer his to you"
Razegi patented his "time machine", but refuses to hand drawings into production – out of fear that a idea can "steal a Chinese" and, making "millions of copies",  devalue the invention. Anyway, the author announced plans for mass production of its time machine, although, it does not say anything about timing. As they say, and suddenly.,,, 

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