I don't want a thin figure like Deepika Padukone!: Zarine Khan

                    Actress Zarine Khan talks about her films, friends and figure...

Zarine Khan is on the warpath. The actress, who has always been in the news for her similarities to Katrina Kaif, and her weight, since her debut film Veer released four years! In a an interview she admits she is sick and tired of these constant comparisons and she's happy with her fuller figure.
Recently some radio jockeys made fun of her as a Katrina lookalike, while she was lying in a hospital bed. Says the actress, "Yes! These comparisons have been going on forever. In the beginning I apreciated it because Katrina is a beautiful woman and took it as a compliment but now it has to stop! I was in the hospital with food poisoning and on a radio channel these RJ's were making fun of me saying Katrina must have hired Zarine Khan to fall ill for her and go to the hospital because she has no time! I wanted to go and slap their face! I was was seriously unwell. I was knocked out for a full day and they were making fun of that?
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I have had enough of being compared to Katrina Kaif! I am fed up of these comparisons. I just feel there's a lot of animosity towards me and I am targeted every time because I don't have Bollywood background or a boyfriend in Bollywood to protect me. I have nobody to back me up when people are making fun of, and slinging mud at me!
You think it has worked against you?
In Bollywood, they don't want to form . Nobody likes originals so the comparisons are always there for any new girl. When Ameesha Patel came in people said she she looked like Neelam. Sonakshi Sinha was compared to Reena Roy while Preity Zinta was compared to Amrita Singh. They just want somebody to look like another person. While it may have worked with the rest, the comparisons with Katrina backfired for me as there's not much of an age difference though she's my senior. I find it very unjust because I didn't get a chance to prove myself. When I started out my career and they said that the Veer girl looks like Katrina Kaif okay...but it has been four years now and it still hasn't stopped!
Have you met Katrina?
I have met Katrina at Salman's place a couple of times and she has always been very cordial. She's my senior, whom I have to acknowledge but that's about it. I don't want to discuss the issue with her and I am sure she wouldn't even want to hear my problem. (smiles).
You feel you have lost out on films because of the comparision?
Oh yes! My work has suffered! Who would want to work with a clone or lookalike of Katrina? But when I see myself in the mirror I see my mother and not Katrina. (Laughs) I don't know if my mother looks like Katrina too... Now Elli Avram has come into Bollywood so people are saying I look like her. I want to tell them that I came into Bollywood before Elli so let's not compare. You should say that Elli looks like me though I wouldn't want the poor girl to suffer like I do. It's extremely frustrating because you want to make your own identiy and not live under anybody's shadow but the tag is is so strong that no matter what I do to wear it off it just keeps popping up.
Your weight has been another talking point.
Yes, people talk about my weight as if it's the biggest national issue! I have lost 45 kg since the time I joined Bollywood and I haven't had the extra weight removed out of my body but done it naturally through workouts and exercises. I am very happy with my curvy body. I don't think an actress must have a perfect figure. I used to weight more than 100 and I feel very proud of the fact that from there I have come to now where I am. I feel very proud of myself. Indian men like curvaceous women which is why actresses like Vidya Balan and Sonakshi Sinha have huge fan followings though they don't have perfect figures.
Wouldn't you be happier with a figure like say Deepika Padukone?
No. I don't want a figure like Deepika. Though she has a superb body I am very happy with mine. Her genes have also contributed to that and being an athlete has also helped her. The whole discipline of being a sportsperson and everything has helped her. I think we should all be happy in our own skin rather than wanting to be somebody. I am very sorted that way. If I let all these insecurities get to me I won't be able to survive tomorrow. I have come to terms with myself so I don't care what people say about me. This is me. I am not here to impress people. If some people like me I am very happy with that.
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