10 Best Srilanka Beach Resorts

Sri Lanka has proven to be one of the best tourist destinations in the world, thanks to the best of the Mother Nature in Sri Lanka. To make your beach experience in Sri Lanka, there is more than enough beach resorts all-round the beaches that you will be pleased to stay there.

Here are the 10 best Sri Lanka beach resorts.

1.      Apa VilleThalpe

Apa Ville Thalpe is one of the top 10 elegant beach resorts in Sri Lanka, located just 8 kilometers from the fortress port of Galle. The beach resort is situated in one of the gorges beach occupying 7 luxury suites in three executive villa houses. You will enjoy the proximity and the view to the beach, while at the resort you can enjoy at the leisurely and stylish Jacuzzi, large pools attached to the Indian Ocean, water sports and many other activities.

2.      Era Beach resort

If you love to stay in a beach resort with unique architecture, then place to acquaint yourself is at Era Beach resort. This beach resort is designed with Dutch colonial influence comprising of two beautiful storey buildings. Treat yourself to the modern and traditional Asian and Mediterranean fresh seafood and on a beautiful day, you can enjoy swimming, surfing and snorkeling at Mirissa and Unawatuna beaches.

3.      JetWing Blue resort

Jetwing blue beach resort is a popular beach resort in Sri Lanka beautifully located between the palms.  The resort has about 112 guest rooms, which is sure to accommodate families all the way. You will enjoy the best services from the room service to unique delicacies provided by the beach resort.

4.      Palm Bay Hotel Club

Palm Bay is the most welcoming beach resort in Sri Lanka, located in a small fishing town of malawira. The location provides enough acres of private beach and garden, the mangrove and the Lagoon just close to the Garden is a good resting place. You can include fishing expedition and boat rides in your schedule while you watch indigenous fish, dragonfly, monitor lizards and bird.

5.      Taprobane island beach resort

 If you are a couple you can consider a memorable night at the Taprobane Island, with a good amount you can enjoy the best couple retreats alone in the island. The resort is a 5 bedroomed villa dating back to 1920. Taprobane is also a cool place for family and friends with flashy decor and terraces overlooking the beach.

6.      JetWing Lighthouse resort

 Jetwing lighthouse is a relative to Jetwing resort, but it is considered as the upgrade of the latter comprising of luxury and deluxe hotel. The rooms are very large with sea view, private balcony, air condition, television and many more. While at the resort you can choose other activities such as tennis and spa, or you can join the fitness center to stay fit or enjoy the outdoor pool at the lushly garden.

7.      Amanwella beach resort

Amanwella is one of the exotic beaches in Sri Lanka, yet constructed with traditional material to bring that unique feature of the resort. The resort is located above the hills just between the palm trees but with a clear view of the ocean. You can enjoy your time at sand beach or join the public on the other side of the beach.

8.      Weligama beach resort

Weligama is a new beach resort built with you in mind; the beach resort has everything you desire from the private beach, private pools, enough space and clear ocean view. The Weligama bay resort features bungalows, 24 spacious rooms and villa suites to private couples. The villa spices your stay with fully paid spa treatments, sailing, snorkeling, and game fishing. Treat your loved one with a unique waterfront dining at the edge of the beach.

9.      Paradise road resort

This villa is a private and unique beach resort offering more than fifteen perfectly designed rooms. The rooms have all that you need including Wi-Fi if you want to connect with the world occasionally, air conditioning, restaurants, shops and large pool. The hotel offers tours around the Colombo area.

10.  Fortress beach resort

Fortress resort is a new beach resort in town, comprising of 50 guest rooms all featuring the ancient Dutch fort architecture. You can enjoy all the water activities just at the Koggalla beach. You can enjoy trips to Koggalla Lake and lagoon and the island known for rare species of birds.

If you are planning to visit this beautiful resorts in Srilanka. Apply for Sri Lanka Visa online, enjoy trips, and stay at the most exotic beach resorts in Sri Lanka.

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