Exploring the Fashion Destinations around San Francisco

San Francisco is a culturally diverse city neighbouring Pacific Ocean. It’s a small fashion centre compared to cities such as Milan, New York, Paris or London. However it has a rich history in fashion. Due to interaction of diverse cultures it carries different shades of fashion that are unique to the city while exporting other styles to different parts of the world. The city prides itself as home to Levi Strauss and Gap Inc. brands that famous globally. There several areas around San Francisco where fashion conscious visitors and locals explore during expeditions. Some of these destinations include;

Fashion Street
-This is an area where people pay visit for varied products ranging from clothing, shoes and other items from days gone by but still popular. Prices for these items are affordable and of high quality making them best buy. 
-Shops here are open and store wide selection of items making shopping comfortable and fun thus attracting many people.
Hayes Valley
A popular fashion stopover while in town. Available here a wide selection of clothing, shoes and accessories.
-Products sold in stores are of high quality.
-Wide variety of goods to select depending on colour, size , make among other considerations.
-They offer wide price ranges depending on the tastes and quality of the items selected. This caters for diverse budgets.
Fillmore Street
This is a fashion centre located in pacific height area. It specializes in clothing , housewares and other appliances. Available in this destination are the latest trends and designs popular with the masses.
-Choices of clothing and trends are many depending on tastes and budget.
- There are attraction sites visitors can tour while shopping here making the whole exercise fun and enjoyable.
Tail of the Yark
A fashion store within Berkeley area of the city. Diverse items are sold in this facility. Among them jewellery, fashionable clothing, different presents to cater for various occasions.
-High quality products are available here at fair prices.
-Designs range from local and international.
La Rosa
This store is located in Height Street within the city. Available in this market include clothing, dresses and other fashion items.
-Products are of high quality sold at fair prices.
-The stores are located in convenient area thus easily accessible to majority of both local and international visitors.
Mercy stores
This is a fashion store situated in Piedmont Street in Aokland area of the city. There are various fashion items found here ranging from clothing to shoes and other treading accessories. 
-All items sold here are of high quality at fair prices.
Beckett and Robb
This store is located in Bay area of the city. It’s a high class men shop.
-Available are designer clothing serving clients with bigger budget.
San Francisca is a beautiful city to visit and explore. It has excellent beaches, the magnificent golden gate bridge, Pacific Ocean views among other features to visit for a complete tour.

Tourists from outside US are required to have ESTA to be allowed entry into the country. One is required to fill application form online prior to visit. A valid passport and a credit card are a requirement.
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