Latest Camera Technologies Used in Cars

Having car camera system to enhance safety and security of the vehicle has been the latest trend. These cameras record the acceleration and deceleration movements of the car; they also capture the right and left movements. These cameras mostly have built-in GPS system in them, which provides auto date and time setting; it serves as a vehicle locator and also gives information on the vehicle speed as well Since these cameras are very easy to install and operate they have gained popularity over the time.
Did you know that the first car to have a television camera fixed on it was the two-door 1956 Buick Centurion Dream Car which had doors which slid back automatically when the doors were opened. The rear mounted television camera was designed to send images to a TV screen placed on the dashboard, serving the purpose of the rear-view mirror. Isn't it quite astonishing, now after almost five decades the same technology is being used? And the camera technologies are not only being used as a substitute for rear view mirror nowadays, they are being installed for varied reasons in the recent times, in the following paragraph, we have pen down a few facts on the latest technologies and their usage in Cars.

• The Nissan motor corporation had introduced the Around view monitor to have a virtual 360-degree scene of the car in bird's-eye view, this is a support technology which assists the driver in parking the vehicle effortlessly and to have a better understanding of the surroundings of the car. This Around View Monitor receives feed from four cameras and processes it and displays only the composite footage. The prominent feature of this Around View monitor is this Image processing Technology.
• The Akenori 1080P Pro Car Camera, the top range model of Exeros technologies, is said to be the world's first HD car camera which has with built in speed camera detection. It provides crystal clear Full HD (1920 x 1080P at 30fps) video of the road ahead or behind. It records and stores video and audio, logs the G-forces of the vehicle and also the GPS travelled route along with vehicle speed. The Akenori HD car camera has a 5 Megapixel - high fidelity chipset and it uses an advanced 5 layer Pentaom lens which aids extra sharp recordings. Another feature of this camera is that it also warns the drivers about speed cameras.
• Another camera called Cube 3 Car Camera from the Exeros technologies has more advanced features like motion detection and has infra-red built-in for night time use
• The Raptor Nano vehicle camera system has another unique feature, it is completely waterproof. This camera system provides inputs from two cameras with D1 recording resolution guaranteeing sharp image quality. This camera system has both wide angle lens cameras as well as infra cameras. The software installed in this system displays the captured GPS and G-Force (accident sensor) information. This camera system also provided all other details like vehicle's speed and the vehicle's position on Google map. All these technologies are created to make driving easy for the drivers and these camera systems would definitely help beginners in passing the driving practical test with ease.
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