Tips for an Amazing Journey across the World

Choosing to travel across the world can be exciting and fun. Many travelers that have taken a

round-the-world (RTW) trip will tell you that making the decision to travel is the easiest part.

After that then comes researching, choosing where to go, buying air tickets, and many other

travel arrangements that you have to take care of. This guide, however, lists several tips to

help you get started. Read on to learn how you can have an amazing journey as you plan to

circumnavigate the earth.

Start Planning Early

It is best to start the planning phase months in advance before you take a trip around the

world. Below are a few tips to keep in mind when making preliminary travel plans.

•Make sure things are in order before travelling. Are you leaving behind a house, job or

business? If so, find a tenant who can rent your home, give proper notice before leaving your

job, or make arrangements for someone to be in charge of your business while you are away.

•Inform your bank or credit card company that you will be going on an extended trip abroad

at a particular time This way, they won't assume your credit card has been stolen when they

detect it is being used oversees.
Research your destinations and Come up with Itineraries

Researching where to go before travelling the world is the fun part. Here are a few tips that you

may find helpful while making a bucket list.

•One of the easiest ways to take an epic trip across the globe is through a RTW ticket. Star

Alliance, offers a RTW ticket with a maximum of 15 stops and a travel duration spanning 12

months at most this can be more economical than purchasing separate air tickets plus it takes

away the hustle of trying to plan all your flights. Dig around to find a RTW (round-the-world)

route that suites your travel interests.

•Whether you choose to use a RTW ticket or book flights on your own, ensure to do enough

research on the places you would like to visit. You can figure out where you want to go by

checking out travel websites. Reading guidebooks, travel magazines and asking friends about

destinations that they have visited or can recommend would also be helpful.

•Make an effort to learn the basics of any area you will be visiting such attraction sites, best

times to visit, and even greetings. Prepare your itinerary based on your travel interest and

decide on how long to stay at each destination.

•In addition, find out the cost of living in each country you intend like to make a stop. Research

the cost of food, accommodation, and transport. If travel expenses are a constraint, you may

want to spend more time in less expensive counties.
•Decide on when to leave. Ideally, choose to travel when the weather is great at your chosen

travel destinations. Travelling during the low season is also a great way to reduce travel

expenses. Get Vaccinated and Apply for Travel Insurance

•The last thing you want to experience while travelling abroad is to fall ill in a foreign land. It is

therefore important to get all your travel shots. Besides, travel vaccinations are a requirement

for international travelers visiting most countries.

•Though ignored by many travelers, travel insurance can come quite in handy. You may need it

in emergency cases like when you suddenly fall ill, miss flights, or lose travel documents.

Packing Tips

•The less clutter you have while travelling across different continents, the better. Equipment

for travel activities such as hiking, skiing, rock climbing, surfing and parasailing are available for

rent at most destinations. Only carry the important things that you will need during the trip.

•Besides your clothes, cell phone and travel documents ensure to carry a camera to make the

most of photo taking opportunities. If you are so inclined, carry a laptop as well and start a blog

to tell your travel stories every step of the way.

Obtain Visas and Other Travel Documents

•Different nations have varying requirements when it comes to the type of travel documents

international travelers should carry. For instance, if you are planning to visit the USA, you may

have to apply for the ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization) while an ETA (Electronic

Travel Authority) application may be required to enter Australia. Therefore, do adequate

research about visa requirements and other travel documents for countries you plan to visit

well in advance.

While these travel tips are far from complete, they can help you have a memorable and smooth

experience while travelling across the globe.                   
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