Top 4 Technologies That Restaurants Are Using To Improve Customer Service

Whether it is big screen TVs, Wi-Fi hotspots, vending machines or electronic checkout systems, it is difficult not to notice the use of technology when dining at a modern restaurant. Entrepreneurs in the hospitality industry have been adopting high tech solutions to improve their businesses for a long time. As technology continues to advance, many restaurant owners are trying to go beyond the norm. From taking orders at tableside, to automated reservation systems, here is a look at some of the innovative solutions cafes are adopting in an effort to improve customer service.

Mobile POS Systems
Gone are the days when wait staff had to take orders and write meal tickets by hand. With mobile POS systems, it is now possible to take orders at tableside and send them directly to the kitchen. This method of taking orders saves the wait staff a considerable amount of legwork to and from the serving counter.
The beauty about mobile POS systems is that they are very portable. With a mobile printer, credit card payment terminal and tablet device, the wait staff allows customers to make payments while seated. As a result, clients do not have to worry about waiting for ages to get the bill or walking to the checkout terminal to make payments.
Digital Menus
The tradition of printing restaurant entrees on booklets or using boards is being replaced rapidly by digital menu ordering systems. An increasing number of restaurants are placing fixed iPads at every table so that customers can order meals with these interactive devices. iPad menu ordering systems come with pictures and descriptions, thus allowing customers to take orders at the touch of a screen.
Apart from impressing customers, digital menus speed up the ordering process. This is because orders are received instantly in the kitchen. What’s more, the odds of serving customers a dish they did not order reduces significantly.
Mobile Apps
Another way restaurants use technology to give customers a convenient dining experience is through mobile apps. Some eateries allow customers to make orders when they are away via apps. Clients can then find their meals ready upon arrival. This way, customers can order special meals that take time to prepare in advance and save time. Other mobile applications provide directions to a restaurant location and can do a host of other things to make the dining experience more enjoyable.
Online Reservation Systems
It can be frustrating to arrive at an eating establishment only to find that there are no free tables. But, with online reservations systems, it has never been easier to book a table at restaurants that are in high demand.
Some online booking systems also integrate some form of e-checkout so that you not only book tables, but also choose meals and complete payments. This allows customers to arrive at a restaurant, have their meal and leave without being delayed while making payments.
There is no doubt that adopting the innovative solutions explained above is a great way restaurant owners can stay ahead of the technology curve. To avoid making mistakes, always research any innovative technology before making it part of your restaurant’s operations.

Lynn Smith is a coffee shop owner from Aberdeen, Scotland. She has been in the food and beverage industry for more than 5 years and loves to share her knowledge through writing. Lynn invites you to check out I-POS, the innovative mobile point of sale system she uses to run her business.
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