Best Career Opportunities for Teenagers in Australia

There are a lot of people who wonder what the best career opportunities for teenagers in Australia are, and this article will address that question. Below are a few of the best career opportunities for teens in Australia.

Retail Careers 

Teens in Australia can enjoy a career in retail, and since there are many positions within retail, it is easy to get their foot in the door. For example, someone could apply for a job as a cashier or merchandiser, and they can work their way up to a management position. The good thing about working in retail is that it is fast paced and workers can be promoted very quickly. 
Those who are interested in a retail store will find that it is easy to:
.Start at an entry-level position (ex: merchandiser or cashier) 
.Work their way up to head cashier or merchandiser supervisor and so on 

Hospitality Careers 

Teens who are looking for a great career might enjoy working in the hospitality industry, especially at a hotel or inn. There are a number of career paths that they can take when they get a job at a hotel or inn, such as applying to be a maid/housekeeper and working their way up to become the head housekeeper. They could even work at the front desk and eventually become a manager. Some of these positions could even lead to bigger management roles such as managing the hotel or becoming a regional manager and managing numerous hotels.

Basically, those who are interested in a career in hospitality should: 
.Apply for a job at a hotel or inn
.Apply for an entry-level position such as a maid or front desk clerk 
.Work your way up to management or into other areas of hospitality, such as maintenance person or regional manager 

Restaurant Careers 

Teens in Australia can enjoy a great career in the restaurant industry. One can become a line cook or even a server and work their way up to become head chef or even the manager of the restaurant. People in Australia love working in the restaurant industry because it is very fast paced and they meet and interact with a lot of people on a daily basis. Also, those who have no experience working in a restaurant should apply at a locally owned restaurant and then apply at a nationally known restaurant after they gain a little experience. 
Teens interested in working at a restaurant should:
.Start off as a server, busboy or line cook 
.Work up to manager, head chef etc...
.Gain experience at a local restaurant and then apply at a nationally known chain 

The above careers are often considered the best careers for teens in Australia because they are relatively easy to get into. However, people should expect to start at an entry-level position, but they should be able to work their way up to higher positions. Also, it's worth pointing out that teens who are 18-19 can get an
Australian visa that will allow them to come to the country and start their careers.
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