Minecraft Farming – What Should You Know?

Farming is one of the most important parts of Minecraft. The game revolves around it and if you do not farm, you cannot obtain the supplies that you need. Everyone thinks that this is simple but that is not actually the case. Here is what you absolutely need to know about Minecraft farming.

Farming Plants In Minecraft
The first thing that you will have to do is buy a hoe in creative mode or craft one while in survival mode. Special rules may apply based on some server types. For instance, in SkyBlock servers you may have difficulties in farming period. However, if possible, you will be able to farm when you find grass. Right click and use the hoe on it. As it turns to an aspect that is similar to farmland, you can use a seed and plant it. The plants can grow naturally if you have water around, normally reaching full-growth status in 10 minutes. If you want the plants to grow faster, applying bonemeal from destroyed skeletons will help.

As the plant is fully grown, you can harvest it. The produce drops after you destroy the plant in the game. Based on what you grow, you can gain some special features.

Farming Mobs In Minecraft
This is definitely more complicated than farming plants in the game. In this case you do not actually grow anything. You want to grow enemies and see them die after being birth. It does sound gruesome but it is the same principle as farming animals. Characters will grow, fall over and then disappear in this case. You get a chance to clear after them and find bones, strings, ender pearls and many other items.

In this case, you will need to find a design for your farm. In most cases designing something with a water and a cliff is a good idea. You need an enclosure that is completely dark. That is where enemy characters will appear. Choose the location then control the way where the mobs go and they will leave behind valuable resources as they die.

On the whole, farming in Minecraft is not at all complicated. Once you create the suitable infrastructure for mobs or plants, all you need is some time. Enjoy other activities while plants grow or simply live your in-game life as a farmer. This game truly offers endless possibilities so why not take advantage of doing something that you like?
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