You Won’t Look At Nature The Same Way After You See These Stunning Photos

While the animals photographed in the more controlled scenes are captive creatures…

A wolf will be a wolf and cannot be expected to pose.

In some ways, the photos Yarrow takes in the entirely unpredictable wild seem more manually constructed than the images from his staged photo shoots.

Sometimes, life is just as strange as fiction.

The surreal images Yarrow captures with the captive animals focus as much on the environment as they do on the subjects…

It begins to feel like the animals belong there.

Perhaps it’s the black-and-white film…

That creates a surreal nature, even in the wild.

Yarrow’s documentation of wildlife is reminiscent of the photojournalism pioneer Henri Cartier-Bresson.

Cartier-Bresson was known for capturing that exact moment in time when the physical happenings in the world match the emotions the photograph evokes.

It’s safe to say that Yarrow has mastered this in his own photography.

Even in the staged scenarios.

Each of his images treads the thin line that lies between surreality and hyperreality.

Living in the suburbs or amongst skyscrapers has led us to believe that moments like this are somewhat otherworldly.

But they’re really just everyday moments…

And Yarrow has managed to capture them with intimate clarity.

But even if you’re just in it for the visual spectacle…

Yarrow’s images are sure to hold your attention.
(via My Modern Met)
For more of David Yarrow’s stunning images, head over to his website, where you’ll find a vast array of projects, as well as an opportunity to purchase his prints and books. You can also like him on Facebookand follow him on Twitter to keep tabs on what kinds of stunning images he’s coming out with next.
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