5 shocking things you will see only in China

#5 Man rescued from drowning in China oil spill

Oil from the north-east port of Dalian had exploded causing massive threats to wildlife and humans around the area. The slick already spreads to 430 square kilometers prompting a dispersal mission along the cost and it will take time to clean up the mess. At least one man has been reported to be drowned in crude during the clean up operation and the slick is getting worse even though the government assured that it will be contained and will not pose any risk to ecology sensitive areas. Fishing in the waters around Dalian has been banned until the end of August for prevention.

5 - 5 shocking things you will see only in china

#4 Worst Air Pollution Beijing has ever Seen

The tall building on the left is the mammoth China World Trade Center III on a clear day and cannot even be seen on a very very bad smoggy day. A tool that can be used to gauge air pollution is called particles per cubic meter or air, sometimes abbreviated PM2.5 which means particles smaller than 2.5 micrometers wide. Health officials warns to avoid any outdoor activities if the count hits 300, in Beijing and other Chinese cities rating can go up to 500. Cans of fresh air can even be bought on supermarket shelves as a quick resolution for residents of China, which makes a very good profit for a multi-millionaire Chen Guangbiao.

4 - 5 shocking things you will see only in china

#3 Chinese Dog Meat Market

When food is not as much abundant, dogs and cats are socially accepted to be served as an emergency food source around China. These dogs are mostly ground to be slaughtered but some of them are stolen pets and street dogs that no person cares about. But as some cities becomes financially better, growing number residents are buying animals to be their pets and starts the campaign against animal cruelty. But despite of the increased local and international pressures to stop dog-eating practices it is still estimated that 10,000 dogs every year during the one day dog-eating event in Guangxi Yulin.

3 - 5 shocking things you will see only in china

#2 Animals skinned alive for fur in China Farms

China, known to be the world’s largest fur exporter was found out to be most cruel people to animals just to make a penny out of them. There are no known penalties for abusing animals on fur farms in China which leads to the farmers to house a slaughter animals on how they wanted it and because the farmers only care about the fur they use slaughter method that keeps the pelts intact, never mind how much suffering it is for the poor animals. The picture shows a dog who’s able to still lift his head after skinned alive and left with on a dump with the rest of the skinned animals like cats, rabbits and other furry animals abundant to China.

2 - 5 shocking things you will see only in china

#1 Fetus Soup Being Served in China

Very disturbing and probably the worst thing that anyone can do in this earth. But some Chinese people consider this as a very good soup to be shared with everyone specially in the town of Canton. The soup is called Soup No. 5 or Spare rib soup, which is known to be an good aphrodisiac – which is believed to increase health and sexual performance and stamina. 
The cost of the fetus soup in Chinese currency is approximately USD 4000 (RMB 2000). 
Most of the fetus served in these restaurants are female due to the fact that majority of the Chinese population prefers to have a male baby and those who are less fortunate usually end up selling their female babies.

1 - 5 shocking things you will see only in china

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