What Is the NZSIT 402 Method?

NZSIT 402 is a software founded data sanitization technique that is used as the standard wipe technique by the New Zealand administration and any contractor otherwise consultant that offers services to the government.

Removing a hard drive using the NZSIT 402 data cleansing method will stop all software founded file recovery approaches from lifting info from the hard drive and is also probable to stop most hardware founded recovery approaches from extracting info.

What Does the NZSIT 402 Wipe Technique Do?
To pass the NZSIT 402 strategy defined through the New Zealand administration, the software must furthermore check to make certain that everything has really been overwritten, which is the "confirm" part of the method.

It's likely that a program that usages Neuseeländischer Information and Communications Technology Standard NZSIT 402 will let you make additional than one pass over the drive, otherwise it will do so repeatedly, like what you see while the Pfitzner technique is used.

This just means that it would do the precise same thing one more time (or 10 more times, etc.). Added passes just mean that an arbitrary character (or whatever character the technique uses) is written over a previously-randomized piece of info.

If the software you are using doesn't support manifold passes, you might simply run the technique again as several times as you like. This is factual for NZSIT 402 as well as any other data cleansing method that you are using.

Program That Support NZSIT 402
The only program I know of that openly state that they usage the NZSIT 402 method to remove data is FastDataShredder plus Great Protocol Solutions' XErase software, however merely the trials are free to use.

Though, there are numerous free programs that support removal methods that both write arbitrary characters to the drive as well as then confirms that the drive has been overwritten.  These programs and maximum other data obliteration programs provide the aptitude to use more than just one data cleansing method, so you can typically use them to run additional data wipe approaches too.
Is NZSIT 402 Better Than Additional Data Wipe Methods?

The answer to this query depends completely on whatever you want to use the data cleansing method for, and if there are any necessities that must be encountered when you're removing the data.
For most persons, however, NZSIT 402 is just as decent as any other method.

As data recovery programs most probable cannot recover any data from a drive that's been over written with arbitrary data, you're similarly safe using NZSIT 402 vs. any other similar wipe technique, like the ones stated above.

You can be poised that the data has been suitable over written so long as the software reports back that the confirmation finished effectively. This is factual for any wipe technique, not just NZSIT 402.
However, somewhat else to ponder is standards. If you're removing the hard drive for business drives or some other cause in which a precise wipe method must be used, do not settle on something that is not approved.


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