12 Reasons Older Men Prefer Dating Younger Women

12 Reasons Older Men Prefer Dating Younger Women

How often have we heard about older men dating women much younger than them? How often have we considered it and cringed, sometimes, even at the very thought? Although it isn't illegal, it's still not something that's universally accepted but does happen all the time. The fact, though, is that all around the world, older men do prefer dating younger women and there are certain reasons behind this behavior.

#1 For the stamina

here's no doubt that compared to older women, younger women have more stamina and can go on for longer periods of time. They also don't suffer from age-related ailments such as joint pains, body aches and more, that affect older women and disrupt sex. It might sound harsh, but younger women do have these advantages which attract older men to have an affair with them.

#2 Mid-life crisis

Older men who might feel insecure about their status in life, society and careers, tend to look for validation by dating younger women. It gives them a sense of success that they don’t feel when dating women their age. The affirmative factor linked to dating younger women acts as a significant trigger towards dating them.

#3 Young women are perkier

Younger women's bodies are fitter (yet again, harsh but true). They are more active and are not set in their ways. They're ready to explore things which older women might not be into. Younger women are more receptive to experimentation. That gives older men some good reasons to date them.

12 Reasons Older Men Prefer Dating Younger Women

#4 Younger women don't always look for long-term relationships

Most younger women, when compared to older ones, might have lots of options to go around and might be alright with dating and ditching men. That's because they still have most of their lives in front of them and, therefore, they might not be looking for long-term relationships. That's why they become targets for the older men in crisis.

#5 Anonymity

Older men and younger women have very different social circles. They've got different friends, and they also hang out with completely different sets of people. That makes it easier to maintain the relationship under wraps and act with secrecy. That might be a favorable situation for both parties and, therefore, the prevalence of the behavior.

#6 Young women are flexible

When it comes to sex, young women are way more flexible, both regarding attitude and their bodies. They can be alright with things that older women wouldn't be. They might be open to practices which older women wouldn't even consider. Older men, therefore, prefer younger women to achieve fantasies that they might not have experienced with older women.

12 Reasons Older Men Prefer Dating Younger Women

#7 Much less work

An older man being in a relationship with a younger woman, might not have to bear any responsibility. He doesn't have to be emotionally responsible for her nor does he need to worry about long-term factors. That, in a way, frees him from lots of responsibilities and work which he might have to put, in order to date an older woman. Therefore, it might be one of the most significant reasons.

#8 Less responsibility

Younger women might still be looking to find their feet. They might be looking for their options in life and might not get emotionally attached to men, in many cases. That no-strings-attached scenario is a win-win for both parties, and it brings them together for an affair or a fling that might otherwise not have been possible.

#9 Being in charge

An older man is much more experienced and authoritative than his younger partner. Dating a younger woman often puts the older man in a place of power where it's him who dictates the terms. It is what he likes that defines the relationship; it's his wishes that tend to overwhelm the relationship. Given such a position, an older man can easily get tempted to pursue a younger woman.

12 Reasons Older Men Prefer Dating Younger Women

#10 Feeds the ego

An old man who dates a much younger woman publicly, might also be looking at the social image the affair creates. While many of us might cringe privately, to them, it's a power game. To have a younger woman in their arms in front of their social circle gives older men an ego trip that's irresistible to them.

#11 Low rejection rates

Some younger women do prefer slightly older men. Many of these men, might be in a position of power or authority that's irresistible to the women, and hence the rejection rates come down drastically. Compared to older women, they may not hurt his ego to that extent, as he may not even be that emotionally attached. Hence, the attraction becomes stronger.

#12 Adventure

Older men might have had a lot of experience, but the idea of another adventure could urge them to act in weird ways. With younger women, an older man could have experiences which he might not have with the older ones. The hope of adventure intrigues them, as they love being with younger women who can show them a good time.


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