15 Things About Women That Make Most Men Go Crazy

15 Things About Women That Make Most Men Go Crazy
The two genders have always been a mystery to each other. They do sometimes perceive the world around them in a different way, but are they that different after all?

No matter what the beauty standards are, it's not always easy to determine what each gender finds attractive. Luckily, not everyone has the same taste. However, there are 15 things about women that make most men go crazy with zero effort from women. Here they are:

#1 Sweat

15 Things About Women That Make Most Men Go Crazy - Sweat

A sweating woman can instantly turn a man on. The glow combined with these pheromones is high that no one would want to come down from.

#2 Glasses

Glasses aren't just for nerds, as they imply that a woman loves to read, or has a mystery around her that makes many men go crazy for her.

#3 Wet Hair

15 Things About Women That Make Most Men Go Crazy - Wet Hair

Wondering which hairstyle looks best on you? You can never get it wrong with wet look. They are just so irresistible and charming that no man will take his eyes off.

#4 Flip Their Hair

Constantly playing with your hair and flipping them in the wind instinctively, is extremely attractive. Ask any man.

#5 Tiptoes

When ladies stand on their toes, their thighs' muscles and glutes immediately grab attention because it accentuates so well.

#6 Head Tilt

While in conversation, some women tend to tilt their head sideways, trying to understand better what you're saying. That's not just flattering for their beauty, but it also shows they appreciate the speaker.

#7 Seductive Eyes

15 Things About Women That Make Most Men Go Crazy - Seductive Eyes

When a guy makes eye contact with a woman he's pursuing, and instead of admonishments, it is met with an equally interested gaze, she gives him a feeling of pure joy.

#8 Eyebrows

And since we are talking about eyes, how could we miss the twitch of the eyebrows that conveys so much without even uttering a word.

#9 Smell

The perfume a woman wears also has a lot of say regarding whether men find her attractive or not.

#10 Messy Bun

Even though the messy bun is usually a sign of not putting a lot of effort into your styling, it can really give your little black dress a run for its money. Also, being messy is sexy!

#11 Accent

A woman who knows a foreign language or has an accent, immediately creates an aura of mystery and by default, irresistibility.

#12 Power

Most societal constructs portray a picture of men as natural born leaders. But that's not always the case. In reality, nothing turns men on more than a woman in the authoritarian figure.

#13 Intellectual style

15 Things About Women That Make Most Men Go Crazy - Intellectual style

Intellectual women are actually sexy. Guys love women who like to read and have a unique style.

#14 Curves

Curves are sexy. There's been enough airbrushing and false media campaigns that promote only a specific body shape as attractive; the truth is all women can be hot, no matter their size or shape.

#15 First Move

The sexiest action a woman can do is taking initiative, making the first move.

Reference: Truth Inside Of You


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