Top 5 Billionaire College Dropouts

Steve Jobs, Reed College

Steve Jobs

The New Age Genius, as hailed by many, Steve Jobs dropped out of Reed College after just six months, as the expensive college was putting a great financial strain on his working class adoptive parents. He eventually founded Apple, NEXT Computer and Pixar Animations that have given us products like the iPod, iPhone, iPad and even Buzz Lightyear. Renowned for his out of the box thinking in churning out elegant designs and technologically outstanding products, his company remains at the top of the game, even after his sad demise. His time after Reed College was one of struggle, but during the commencement speech he gave at Stanford University, Jobs revealed that although he realized he wasn't learning much at Reeds, he experienced his "Connect-the Dots" moment, when the calligraphy class he undertook formed the basis for the typography used in the first Macintosh computer.

Bill Gates, Harvard College
Bill Gates

Perhaps the most famous Harvard dropout, Bill Gates enrolled at Harvard College in 1973, after scoring 1590 out of 1600 on the SAT.While at Harvard, he revelled in his status of being a computer science prodigy, coming up with various programmes, algorithms and codes. He has widely stated, he didn't have a concrete study plan in Harvard and spent all his time on computers. He dropped out 2 years later to found Microsoft with his childhood friend Paul Allen.In college, he met Steve Ballmer, who later succeeded Gates as the CEO of Microsoft.

Mukesh Ambani, Stanford University
Mukesh Ambani

The Big Daddy of Corporate India, Mukesh Ambani heads the multi-diverse conglomerate-Reliance Industries Limited.He is the 2nd richest man in Asia and the 19th richest person in the world with a personal wealth of $22.3 billion dollars. Owner of the Mumbai Indians IPL team, Forbes named him the 2nd richest sports owner in the world. ahead of the owners of Chelsea and AC Milan.He came out in 5th position as the best performing CEO in the world by Harvard Business Review in its ranking of top 50 global CEOs. Mukesh had enrolled for an MBA from Stanford University but dropped out in the year 1980 to help his father in the business.

Azim Premji, Stanford University
Azim Premji

Considered my many to be the ideal corporate leader, who is known as much for his leadership of the successful Wipro Limited, as he is for his philanthropy.Listed two times among the 100 most influential people by TIME Magazine, he is also the recipient of Padma Vibhushan. According to Forbes, he is currently the 3rd richest Indian, and the 41st wealthiest in the world, with a personal wealth of US$15.9 billion. But what many don't know is that he had dropped out of Stanford University in 1966, only to complete his degree 33 years later in 1999.

Mark Zuckerberg, Harvard College
Mark Zukerberg
Mark Zukerberg

Students study insanely hard to get into Harvard and then some more to pass out of it. But Mark wasn't one of them. While students toiled away in classes, burying their noses into books, Mark was in his dorm room, coming up with the algorithm of Facebook. Soon the fame for the intra-college social website spilled over to the other side of the Atlantic, which made Mark pack his bags from Harvard and head to California. Now, Mark is not only the youngest billionaire in the world, with a net worth of $17.5 billion but with the Facebook IPO coming through, he could become the richest man in the world. He was also named TIME magazine's Person of the year in 2011.



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